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The Baaaaaaaaad Word!



So it's one of those things that infuriates me so much, that I usually don't post about it. I don't blog about it. And I refuse to talk about it.

To some, it is the most sinister of words. To others, it is a right that they will fight for until the death.

It is the issue that created a gap too large between the two major political parties to ever mend.

Yes, let's talk about abortion.

It is an eight letter word that should be listed in the category of "Do Not Discuss At Dinner OR On The Drive Home."

And since the whole point behind my blog is to Offend and Encourage Thought, I thought I would give it the old college try...

In the late 1970s and Early 1980s, abortions were prevalent and peaked as high as 18-19 abortions to 1,000 live births. This number has slowly decreased over the years. And The US is now down around 12-14 abortions to 1,000 live births.

This decrease can be accredited to quite a few things:

The first one is (of course) birth control. While the right to use birth control became more viable in the 1960s (thus the sexual revolution), use of birth control has been strongly discouraged by some religions that consider the sin of using it almost as dastardly as having an abortion.

I have a Catholic friend that believes that every time she ovulates, if she doesn't conceive, she has committed an abortion. That is from one very extreme and slightly disturbed woman.

The second reason that abortions have slowly decreased is education. I am not talking about schools handing out pamphlets, but about one on one chats with parents, school counselors, and teachers.

The third reason is visibility and openness.

I remember my grandmother saying "PG" instead of pregnant. Even if a woman was "PG" one just didn't say the word in public. "PG" meant that the woman had "done it" (even with her husband), and that was all polite society really needed to know.

Now we drop F-Bombs, Vagina Bombs, Penis Bombs, Boob Bombs, and Period Bombs, and no one really seems to notice.

Sex is common knowledge, whether you learn it on the street, or from a book.

The biggest reason is public media, with actors having sex on the screen and a baby arriving six weeks later on the show, news articles creating awareness of STDs and other health matters, and of course the internet, preteen and teens are learning from graphic pictures and detailed descriptions from anything they can get their hands on!

A recent study on teen moms show that the number of teen births has been halved in the last 17 years. The biggest decrease happening when 16 and Pregnant hit the air on MTV. And yes, a study done in January of 2014 shows that teen births went down 5.7%. This can be measured by the tweets, Facebook posts, and cyber searches on birth control escalating right after each of the episode airings.

 I find both parties very moronic about their approach to abortion, if you must know the truth.

The Republicans say that no woman EVER should have an abortion, even if her life is at risk. They don't believe in "killing" babies, but will let the mother die of septicemia if the baby she is carrying is just a corpse slowly rotting her body from the inside out.

They believe in letting 10 year old girls, who were raped by their fathers, go full term and deliver, because these babies need to live. And then there is the ultimate idiot statement of "if a woman is raped, she won't conceive."

Flat out, they don't believe in killing because the Bible tells them so.

Ironically, they do believe in Capital Punishment (on a non-related segue), which promotes my thought: WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!!!???!!!

And of course, the Democrats promote abortion for anything and everything, like bad breakups, rapes, incest, life endangerment, and finances (and every other ridiculous reason there is like a bad full moon).

And yet they don't believe in Capital Punishment because it might kill someone.

Therefore, there is no logic to either parties' stance on this issue. (STOP LISTENING TO POLITICIANS!!!)

Due to edited and poorly scripted videos, Planned Parenthood has become a target.

First, Fetal research has come to a grinding halt because of freakish protestors. So when a woman goes into a Planned Parenthood for that dreaded abortion (and it is always dreaded) she is given an option to donate the fetal tissue to research. If she declines, the fetus is thrown away. If she accepts, it is going to science.

A hair-raising concern about partial birth abortions has come about, and it is very understandable. But the extremists created this situation by digging through the trash receptacles of abortion clinics looking for living fetuses. Yes, both sides of this issue are disgusting.

A study done by the CDC shows that only 3% of the services performed by Planned Parenthood are abortion-related.

In 2009, when I could barely function physically, I went to Planned Parenthood and they correctly diagnosed me with a type of cancer and referred me to a good doctor.

I have several friends that go to Planned Parenthood for breast exams, information on birth control, sex education for their kids, and finally for STD checks. You can add the word "affordable" to every single one of those services offered.

I praise the woman that makes the choice to have a child. My mother did it and got stuck with me. She regularly pointed her finger at me and told me "birth control, or keep my legs shut!" (From previous posts you will know that arguing with my mother is like trying to stand on the tracks and stop a freight train.)

I want kids to know about birth control. I want them to use it when those darn teenage hormones are raging.

Abstinence doesn't work. States like Utah, Arizona, and Texas that promote abstinence are among the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. You can't prevent teen hormones from raging anymore than you can stop the ocean tide from rolling in.

Several years ago, when I decided that I was pro-choice, it wasn't because I want abortions to happen.

I don't.

The stories are always sad and get to me every time. Women are damned if they have abortions, and damned if they don't.

They need to put their babies up for adoption, the nay-sayers constantly scream.

But there are 300,000 + children in the system right now, and the number is growing.

They need to accept responsibility for their actions and take care of that baby! The people say.

But these same people want to deny welfare to single mothers, and food stamps that go to feed these children.

I admire their passion, but passion negates logic.

In the early 1960s, a friend of mine was stuck in the middle of a horrific marriage. She was hundreds of miles from home, with no family support. She decided that it was time to leave, but she had no money and was ashamed to ask her family for help.

We will call this person A.

A hitchhiked home.

She was somewhere in Oklahoma when she was picked up by a car with three men in it.

These three men gang-raped her and left her stranded.

Back in the 1960s, women didn't report rape. That is all there is to it. They were vilified for wearing short skirts or going braless. Sometimes they were demeaned just for wearing makeup.

So A finished her trek and got home and didn't tell a soul about the rape... Until she found out she was pregnant.

Her father was a staunch protestant, and probably one of the most devout men I have ever met. She went to him and told him about her pregnancy.

He found a place were she could have an abortion... An illegal abortion.

Years later, A settled down and got married. After four miscarriages, because of the scarring from the abortion, she was finally able to carry a child full term.

The pious are probably sitting there saying: Yes, but this was in the 60s. People know that rape happens and we don't shame the women for being victims.

And yet the names of the victims aren't released for fear that they will be targeted. Patty Hearst contacted Elizabeth Smart and told her not to tell anyone about the rape, that her kidnapper would face enough charges without any mention of the rape.

Women are still not reporting rapes out of shame.

If it's not shameful, then why do women hide from it?

I support the right to chose because of the shame that we will be always forced to carry, from the rape of incest, to the rape of a husband. Women are ashamed and we hide our shame by being nameless and denying the crime.

I support the right to chose because logic dictates that I do, and my heart agrees.

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