Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Anchor Babies (Another Baaaaaaaad Word!)

Personally, and without reservation, I consider this almost (if not more so) worse than the N-Word. And believe me, I HATE the N-Word and have verbally shredded people for using.

This is taking an innocent child's birth and proclaiming it as a ruse or deception for the purpose of gaining citizenship into the USA.

First of all, let's talk about Amendment 14 Section 1 of the US Constitution:

Amendment XIV

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

This came into play when former slaves were threatened with deportation, even if they were born in the US and only knew English. The United States was the only country these people had ever known, and the Senate and Congress agreed.

So the new GOP contenders are threatening to overturn Amendment 14  and send "all of them" back to where they came from.

To overturn a Constitutional Amendment, the powers that be need more than just 2/3rds of the Senate, 2/3rds of the Congress. They also need 33 states to ratify their decisions at the state level, because without the cooperation of the states, nothing is going to happen.

But let's get back to the idea of Slavery.

Regardless of the assumption, even after the end of Slavery, Slavery was not at an end.

The US has a history of importing cheap labor and utilizing it to build railroads, and prostitute themselves for the Gold Rush (The Chinese), work in the mills (The Irish), and harvest crops (The Mexicans). (I did try and include all of the horrible things done to the American Indians, but the list was so long that it would require another blog!)

When the Farm Workers formed a union with the aid of Cesar Chavez, a lot of people walked off their jobs and left the crops to rot in the field. So the farmers just drove their trucks across the border and brought more workers into the country. Colorado is well know for "importing" cheap labor to work in the Sugar Beet fields, so it is not just the border States that are guilty of this crime.

Now we are putting pressure on Immigration Services to deport... DEPORT... DEPORT!!!!

And Immigration is doing a bang up job, everyone that holds a Green Card Visa is under investigation for the most minor infraction. One woman was deported because her ex-husband was writing nasty letters to Immigration... for TWELVE YEARS! (Talk about a guy with a grudge!). She went in to renew her Green Card and an hour later was deported.

Another Green Card carrier was stopped for a DUI. Even though he was married to a US citizen with a couple of kids, he was deported.

Immigration is not targeting the undocumented people that are living here. These people are hard to trace, almost invisible. They are targeting people who are here WITH documentation because these are the only people that are paying taxes, working, and visible.

And by the way, for every deportation, the US is paying $1,200 dollars just for the process of getting "these people" out of this country.

Alabama and Georgia passed tough laws against the undocumented in the last five years, causing a mass migration out of the states. The problem with this picture is that The next year, Georgia lost $140 MILLION dollars from crops that rotted in the fields because there was no one there to harvest the produce. Georgia attempted to place prison workers in these jobs, but the work was too grueling, and the attempt failed. in 2012, Alabama lost 40% of their crops to rot.

And while some might say "good riddance".  They might think to themselves that it wasn't like these illegals (another word I don't like) pay taxes. But in fact, they do pay taxes. With the mass exodus from the state, Alabama lost 1.8 MILLION dollars in sales tax annually.

A lot of undocumented people actually do pay taxes with the aid of post office boxes and good accountants. They truly do want to become US citizens and are making every effort to do so legally. They pay these taxes even though they are not receiving any benefits.

In fact, an undocumented person can't file for benefits. Even after they have been naturalized, the benefits won't start until 20 years after the naturalization!

But let's just look at the sales tax numbers: In 2012, undocumented people paid $11.84 BILLION in state and local sales tax

So if we deported all of these people (not including building the wall that Mexico DEFINITELY won't pay for) we would have to pay $480 BILLION and we would lose $11.84 BILLION in state and local sales tax.

But let's focus on those "anchor babies" for just a moment.

Let's say that there is an 11 year old boy who is a born native of the US, and one of his parents get caught by immigration.

He is standing on the curb at school waiting for his father to pick him up and them man never shows up. So the boy walks 15 blocks home and finds his mother frantically packing their things before Immigration shows up.

One would think that the father can appeal to immigration on necessity because he has a naturalized son living at home. But in all reality, he can't. And believe it or not, this happened a few years ago in Colorado, when Immigration raided JB Swift.

Some kids ended up staying with a person who was not their mother because both parents were caught and sent back across the border without warning. Immigration wouldn't back down.

And until that 11 year old boy grows up and turns 21, he can't petition for his parents' residency. AND THEN, it is hit and miss as to whether Immigration will let his parents come back because they were working in the US without documentation or with fraudulent documentation, which is a felony.

If Immigration is going to deport a person with a Green Card because of a DUI, or because of angry letters written by an ex-husband (neither person has been let back into the states) I guarantee that Immigration will deny the petition.

Over the last 250 years, a lot of people have come to the US for sanctuary, for a better life, or just to escape a bad one. I am sure that most people who are US citizens can trace their roots to that first "anchor baby". Except the Native Indians who should probably all slap us around for our arrogance in assuming that WE are the true citizens of the US.

And believe it or not, most people from Mexico can trace their roots to either the original Spanish settlers/evil conquerors or Native Indians, which probably makes them more resident-like than any of the rest of us!


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