Friday, July 10, 2015

Who I Want For President...

Let's face it, I am a disenfranchised voter.

Politicians irritate the crap out of me! If one just opens his/her mouth, I have this amazing urge to scream: LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE! If I could figure out a way for every politician to fall off the face of this earth, I would patent it and make it happen, starting right here in the Good Ol' USA.

So we know that this just isn't going to happen because I am more of a "I'll blog about it instead" kind of a person.

For a few years, when I was younger, I thought I was a Republican. Then as I got older, I focused on specific issues and labeled myself a Democrat. The reality is that I am completely disgusted with both parties so much, that the last time I voted for president, I wrote in my mother's name, Ione.

To me, she seems like the perfect candidate, even though she calls herself a Republican.

She is very fiscally conservative. I saw that woman argue with a bank cashier over a few pennies. And she won! The bank cashier finally surrendered and pulled money out of her own purse to silence my mother. And I understand the argument. My mother's math skills are unquestionable and impeccable, and too many of us have seen the Richard Pryor Superman movie, where he takes a half a penny here and there and banks a bundle. If the banks stole two pennies from every customer, every bank teller would be broke paying up and the bank would still make BILLIONS.

And my mother is socially liberal.

I am not talking about socially liberal, give-all-the-poor-people-money liberal, but she cares about people. She believes that gays should have the right to marry, and didn't even twitch when the SCOTUS ruled for it. While she doesn't approve of abortion, she doesn't believe in taking a woman's right to choose. And she voted to legalize pot, which is much more liberal than our current Democratic Governor in Colorado!

Currently, she has sided with an underdog in a lengthy battle against an institution. And she will win, too!

She detests waste and expenditures and recycles avidly. She gets mad when the government pork barrels bills and wastes her tax dollars. She hates seeing people abuse "the system" for government cheese, but admits that sometimes that it's important to get it to the right people.

She thinks that education can save a country. Having worked as a teacher, she knows that the future of this country relies on the education of the next generation.

She hates war. This comes from being married to my dad, Les, all these years, and hearing the horrors of the Vietnam war. After sitting at his bedside for his bouts of cancer from Agent Orange, she thinks there are better ways to deal with enemies of the state.

She hates pencil pushing bureaucrats and liars (usually the same thing). I have seen her stare down the best of the best and make them squirm. She can read minds better than a real psychic (boy do I know that one)! And she challenges bullshit into knock-down, drag-out fights!

Nobody messes with my mother. Even I have learned over the years that she WILL win the argument. First, she's tough, tall, and can look really mean when she wants to. My teenage rebellion lasted about 30 seconds. I could see her staring down foreign diplomats and leaders, senators and congressmen/women. She could probably take them on in a good bar brawl if she wanted to! Any war that anybody would want to wage on the USA would have to go through her first! And they would lose before they got past her!

She's worked blue-collar, back-breaking jobs. She has taught in the bureaucratic school systems (the reason she hates bureaucrats). And she has pushed paper successfully around on a desk. She knows the value of a quarter tip from waiting tables. She's played music in bars for a second job to support her children because she had a deadbeat ex-husband.

And she loves our flag. She is so damn proud to be an American, sometimes it just bursts out of her without her saying a word. I have seen her get emotional over a well sung National Anthem or a beautiful picture of a Bald Eagle.

So unless someone shows up that can top all of those qualities, again this disillusioned, disgusted voter, will vote for her mom!


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