Monday, June 8, 2015

Ode to Brownback




I am originally from Kansas, and now live in Colorado. I like to consider myself liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues.

There has been a lot of confusion these last few years for me. I don't like either party. I think both parties (and I am including the Tea Party in the Republican party) have become bloated and aggressive with their own agendas. Neither party compromises, and both DEMAND what they want.

I was one of the stupid few that read the Affordable Healthcare Act. It took me 3 months to read it.

The bill was so over-laden with pork barrel, that the actual reason for the bill was shadowed by the greed of each party. Pointing at either party with accusation would be a waste of time, because they were both equally guilty.

The big problem with all the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes is the fact that the vote was cut almost straight down the party-lines.

Senator McCain, tired of being the Democrats' Republican Bitch, even refused to vote for it! Olympia Snow, a very moderate Republican voted for it during the Finance Committee's submission, but failed to vote for the actual bill when it hit the floor because the finalized version was not up to expectations.

The sad part is that both the Senate and the House had a majority of Democrats, and even with the dissenting Democrats, it would have passed without the pork barrel, so why the compromise?

Perhaps it was tit for tat? So and so got this, so I get that.

The Republicans, while voting against the bill, still got their pork passed with the bill, so they got what they wanted in the long run. But voting for it meant losing face and becoming the "'other Republican bitch" for the Democrats.

So now I am at this impasse with both parties.

How can I compromise my goals and demands with what each party can give me?

Anxiously, I have been watching several states to see what fiscal policies are successfully implemented.

Kansas just so happened to fit into this category.

Brownback is about as extremely Republican as my cat is extremely demonic (always have to give that plug to Puck Lucipurr).

On the whole, he followed the Republican agenda right down the line. He cut taxes to businesses. He cut taxes period. He honed in on welfare recipients, and cut monies (also losing federal money because of the cuts). In fact, he restricted the withdrawal of monies from ATMs that are over $25.00. So a mom has two mouths to feed, one ATM EBT card, no car, and a $25.00 limit. Each day, she is trudging through the snow (and believe me, Kansas' wind chill factor is a nightmare), and trudging through the heat (we are talking HUMID, bug infested H-E-A-T) to get to that ATM every day on the bus and get that $25,00 dollars out so that she can feed her kids.

He cut spending for schools (because the mind is a terrible thing to waste money on). And because of these cuts, three school districts closed earl

Brownback's ultimate goal is to privatize all schools and make parents pay $3,000 dollars a semester per child. (Something that he says the parents would later be able to deduct from their taxes.

Now, because the Federal Government is saying that Kansas isn't following policies, they have cut funding to the state of Kansas. And Brownback has found that his tax cuts for businesses are not bringing more businesses into the state.

So he has come up with this ¿GREAT? idea for covering his white ass from total political fallout. Yes folks, he is going to raise the state sales tax, because those poor folks that can only pull $25.00 out of the ATM at a time can definitely afford that buck sixty-seven that they will have to cough up for any $25.00 dollar purchase.

So let's tell those poor folks to go out and look for a job! Oh wait, Kansas' minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Let those poor mothers try and support two kids on that wage. Here in Colorado, fast food workers get $9.50 per  hour starting, and that is considered poverty level.

And of course, according to Brownback, welfare recipients are no longer allowed to go to the movies, ride in a taxi, or go on cruises (because that is what they do with all their money... right?)

Do I want to see fiscal reform? ABSOLUTELY!

I want to stop sending money to banks so that they can give their upper management bonuses and vacations. I want to crack down on pork barrel and say a bill is a bill is a bill. I want to be able to actually read a bill in a few days!

If you want to know where our money is going, let's focus on political spending, WARS, trips abroad, and government hand outs to large corporations that while bankrupt, still have more money than most of the country!

I want Brownback to back of his political high horse and live off of $25.00 a day (equaling 252.00 dollars a month) and feed his kids and pay his bills with it. I want him to show us how it is done. I want him to lead by example, but right now he is flogging a dead, high horse.

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