Friday, May 1, 2015

Black Lives Matter...

I can't argue with that statement. I do think that Black Lives Matter.

I have seen the hash tags, and I am proud that people are joining together to defend people.

But then again, I wonder if "Black Lives Matter" is the right way to approach this?

I am sickened recently by the acts of racial brutality that have occurred throughout the years here in the states:

·         The enslavement of Chinese Women as prostitutes in the 1860s,

·         The Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921 with Coal Miners,

·         The Selma beatings of Black People in 1965,

·         Pesticides thrown on Migrant Workers in 1967,

·         The racial profiling by Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona.

This has been going on longer than history can remember.

But the police are not just beating up Black people.

On July 5, 2011, Kelly Thomas was severely beaten and killed by one White and one Hispanic officer, even though he was not resisting arrest. The officers were found not guilty, even though the video shows Thomas trying to comply with the instructions.

In August of 2014, police beat a white man who was intoxicated, in a Walmart in South Carolina. No charges were pressed against the officers, even though the beating was documented on video.

On April 9th, several officers surrounded a person who was a suspect in identity theft. He had stolen a horse to try and escape them. Even though they had him surrounded, they beat him.

On August 11, 2014, an unarmed Dillon Taylor, his brother, and cousin were stopped by a police officer because a 911 caller reported that they looked suspicious, and looked like they were gang-bangers. Dillon had his head phones on and failed to comply with instructions. The shooting was deemed justifiable.

Authorities empower themselves through violence... At least the bad ones do.

The issue isn't about Black or White, but with poorly-trained, aggressive law enforcement officials.

The media is conveniently over-looking this fact to create more sensationalism.

If they can cause a riot or two, while reporting the news, then it's just more news that they can sensationalize.

The problem stems from poor training, officers, poor testing to determine if a person should be a police officer, and poor follow up to training and mental testing of said officers.

If an officer works in a particularly violent neighborhood, does PTSD occur? The answer should be absolutely.

Like cigarette smokers, police officers are taught over and over again how to rapidly pull their guns. They are taught to work on reflex and make it a habit. When they walk up to a car, they automatically unsnap their gun holster to make the gun more accessible.

And yes, police officers get killed. They get shot, stabbed, hit, and harangued. It has become a society of US and THEM.

When I see a police car on the street, I let off on the gas... Even if I am going the speed limit. Pretty scary that even I have that instinctive fear of the badge.

One of the solutions should be to rotate police officers in and out of different neighborhoods. The idea of a "regular beat" should be null. There are neighborhoods that are less violent, and then there are neighborhoods that require a person be on their guard at all times. Getting out of the habit of constantly being on guard, will prevent some PTSD.

Most police officers spend their entire lives not shooting a soul, not having to hit anyone, and being safe. Killing someone should not be taken lightly at the mental or physical level, even if the killing is justifiable. The police officer needs to be immediately moved out of his "beat", and possibly put at a desk for more than just a month. (Can one recover from killing someone in just a month?)

We need more police officers. I know that sounds scary, hiring more "thugs" to patrol us.

But there is this thought that if there was backup, police officers would feel safer, less likely to pull his weapon unless it was needed.

I am tired of the bureaucracy backing up these deaths with the idea that it was justifiable homicide. Death is not justifiable. The bureaucracy looks after the wallet, and the wallet can be hit seriously if the death isn't justifiable.

What if every death caused by a police officer had to go to court immediately? Would an officer be less likely to beat or kill a person?


I think that just standing up and saying Black Lives Matter is Segregating them from the rest of the United States. Wouldn't that be a great way to keep a minority group down?

We need to empower the masses and unite, not segregate.

I was talking this over with my very wise mother. She told me a story about an incident at the VFW.

A table was arguing over something, and someone piped up and said: Ask "Jesus", he's Mexican!

They called out to "Jesus" and he turned around. They asked the question because he was Mexican.

He responded by saying: "I'm not Mexican, I'm American."

That's what we are, Black, White, Rich, Poor, Man, Woman, and Child. We are a country that is united regardless of race, creed, or color.

I think we should change a thought to "All Lives Matter", and move forward.

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